Bros. - Nuri Hazzard Feat. Boss Carrot

Second record on the Sleep When You're Dead: Ain't Shit Safe
tape is 'Bros' by Nuri Hazzard featuring Boss Carrot. 'Bros' is a
record off of our homie Nuri Hazzard's last tape 'Seein Signs.'
I was able to have a listen to this record before it released on his tape
and once I heard it I knew this was a record I wanted for this project.
Plus this was another record recorded by Light Upp out in the Bronx
so I had to put the entire family on this.

Nuri & Boss's flow and delievery is crazy on this record.
Simply telling you that they both know where they want
to be in the future, while getting it with each other.
This record always reminds me of the grind i'm in with
my team, like Boss say's "We all deserve to be rich."
What kind of rich do you want?

Follow up with them both
Boss Carrot' Twitter - Soundcloud
Nuri Hazzard' Twitter - SoundCloud


MrLightUpp - Quarter Water (Prod. Dre Deuce)

The 5th Installment is here of #TomaTuesdays, alive and well with "Quater Water."
Produced by Queens, New York's very own Dre Duece. This is a song about his upbringing
in the Bronx. As a kid Light Upp was introduced to a lot very fast. Did a lot of things he wasn't proud of but it made him the man he is today. The Quarter Water is what we used to call the 25 cent juices in the hood. Some people call em teenies, some people call them grenades. Light Upp remembers going to the store for the OG's and buying himself these with the change on a hot summer day. Summer time is where he learned most of his game. This is his sophisticated thug style in which he uses descriptive imagery to capture the listener.