Dream Submission: A crazy chase

My dream starts off on a dark, rainy night in a place which seemed like outside but set up in a school fashion. I was walking passed these three guys whom appeared to be putting make up on; I told them they were fabulous. Soon enough one of the guys came up to me and told me to be careful of whom I speak to. I almost felt threatened but there was this comforting tone about his voice, soon enough the setting changed into a house that I was unfamiliar with. The house was repulsive and I remember seeing dead roaches caught in what seemed to be spider webs(you know it's sinister when roaches don't even roam). The dynamics of the household seemed to be a husband whom sits around and watches tv all day with another male(assuming he's a friend) a wife who is internally upset with every aspect of her life along with a female whom seemed to be a friend of the wife. The wife did not seem to like me at all and was the most cruel, she forced me to drink some disgusting substance which looked like the left over fat and grease from cooking meat and left out all night(to add on, it was microwaved then served). The husband was a bit more "kind", I'm unsure if he saw me as a daughter or as an attraction or both but that didn't matter. I continuously attempted to run away only to be captured by him every single time; I was kidnapped, trapped. The odd aspect was that i had actually successfully ran away originally but I dismissed that and wanted more challenge. Idk if that was a dream within a dream but what I do know is that after that, I was relentless in the effort of escaping. I tried numerous times to escape, no matter what time of day or if anyone was around or not. I attempted to escape in pitch darkness and ended up back at the house and at times I would be so close to home but the husband and his particular friend always seemed to catch me out of luck and skillful experience. Some time must've passed where they could trust me because we were at a comic book store that I used to often go to and before we left I asked the wife if I could talk to the guy I had a crush on, she surprisingly said yes. He knew they weren't my parents since I was always previously there with my real dad and he told me to quickly hop in his car and wait to leave. I was so anxious and scared to wait, i did not want the husband to find me. I panicked and hopped into the truck of these two guys as the husband found where I was, they sped away and started driving toward my neighborhood. I had this sense that if they took me to my home, the husband and friend would kill them so I had them drive about a block passed my neighborhood. We had a slight discussion as to why I rather walk instead of them drive me but the discussion was slightly too long. The two guys were out of the truck and walking away from it(idk why) and  the husband found us, before he came close I sped away in full fear, leaving without the 2 guys. I end up at the parking garage of a mall where the husband was shortly behind. I run into a police officer(who was Johnny Depp btw), jump in his car and tell him "hurry! speed up, we have to go!" He started to drive away then suddenly whips around and drives toward the husband in attempts to kill or arrest him. I'm freaking out at this point, why can't I escape this man? Johnny ends up getting killed, I look at him as he says something to me then I realize the husband is a few feet from me so I dash up the stairs into the mall. I run into my best friend in a panicked frenzy, telling her "get to the car now, we have to go" Nearly failing at getting away, we reach the highway assuming that we lost the husband; Only to suddenly be hit in the back of the car by his friend,l which caused us to veer into the opposite lanes. The car flips over numerous times but I was not giving up. My best friend gets out the car and we pull a man out from his car and drive it all the way to my house. I tell her to keep watch so I can go inside to get my mom and my little brother. I see my mom crying and frustrated because my stepdad was out yet again and was refusing to leave. I couldn't spend more time that I didn't have to stay in the house so I yanked her out the room, picked my brother up and attempted to leave through the back. The husband and friend were right there and I told my dog to go get them but they had an even bigger dog who ended up seriously harming mine, this guy was always winning. We ended up finding a place to stay but the overbearing feeling of not being safe, the fear that at any second we could all be kidnapped or even killed lingered constantly. Even though I had successfully ran away from the physical entrapment of the husband, the mental and spiritual aspect of my being felt trapped forever. I woke up at 3:15am disturbed by this dream and instinctively looked outside my window. The moon was staring directly into me with its Orange pigment, captivating my essence. 


Dream Submitted by an Brooke Lopez. 
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